Looking for the right candidate? Look no further!

Find Your Ideal Employee

Imagine your ideal hire. Now, picture that individual working for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could handpick the perfect candidate for your opportunities? You can. For over 25 years, ProWorks has been helping companies source, select and hire the ideal employee for their business. Are you ready to discover yours?

Candidate Sourcing

We’re experts at finding the needle in the haystack!

Different jobs require different skill sets, backgrounds and experience. Finding candidates that fit the unique scope of your business may mean you need to cast a wider net. At ProWorks, sourcing talent for specific roles and industries is a bit of an art—and one we have mastered well. The key to identifying the right talent is reaching them where they’re at, and in the most relevant ways. From social media and mobile recruiting to local networking and candidate referrals, ProWorks is well-connected to the talent in our community. So, finding highly specialized talent is no challenge!

Talent Selection Process

Hire with 20/20 vision.

The most daunting part of making a new hire is the prospect of making a bad one. What if a candidate interviews well and gives all the right answers only to discover their on-the-job performance does not measure up. It’s not only a waste of time, it can result in significant costs for your company. At ProWorks, we leave no room for error. Our proprietary talent selection process rigorously evaluates candidates to ensure you make the right hire. From prescreening and hard and soft skill assessments, to behavioral interviewing, reference and background checks, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you make that all-important hire.

UltimateMatch Methodology

There’s a formula for phenomenal hires.

It takes more than skills to make an amazing hire. ProWorks has identified three criteria that add up to certain success: job match, manager match and company match. We call it our UltimateMatch methodology and when applied to the hiring process, it produces remarkable results. Focused on these critical success factors, we examine each candidate to determine:

  1. Are their skills, experience, capabilities, knowledge and background the right fit for the job?
  2. Will their personality and work mentality mesh well with those of the hiring manager?
  3. Do their work preferences, values and goals align with the work culture and direction of the company?