How ProWorks was built.

Our foundation is based on over 25 years of delivering the highest standard of service excellence and seamless workforce solutions. We solve your everyday staffing and hiring problems so you can focus on achieving your business objectives.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality workforce management solutions that enable companies and talent to thrive.

Our Vision

To earn the distinction as the foremost leader in service excellence through enthusiasm, performance, integrity and value.


Our values are based on these key tenets:

Exceptional Service

Exceeding expectations each and every day by listening to and understanding the needs of our customers and delivering a best-in-class experience to employers and job seekers alike.

Innovative Programs

Creating tailored staffing and workforce management programs, building a suite of responsive, cost effective recruitment solutions for each unique customer we serve.

Action-oriented Approach

Relentless focus on continuous improvement and actively seeking to adopt new best practices to improve quality, efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

Commitment to Quality

Leveraging our passion for people, relationships and excellence to bring the highest level of results and experience to the people and communities we serve. From passion, all is possible!